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August 2014 - Sister's Of Mary Alumni

It was another great weekend experienced, spending time with the kids and playing with them are just one of the things I missed about Sisters of Mary School.  I am just so glad that at least once a year we have a quality time inside the campus together with the children and the sisters.  I feel like a child again by doing things I don't usually do if I am outside the campus.  Aside from having a great time with the children, it was also one of the best time to catch up with my old friends and last Sunday I was lucky to see my musician's friend who been out of sight for quite a long time.

I was also glad that I was able to attend the earlier mass and witness once again how it feels like to be celebrate the Holy Eucharist just like when we were still one of the students of the Sisters of Mary.  And since we were at the place so early we managed to visit all corners of the school and enjoy the serenity and peace it brings to us. 

The real actions took place when the children started to gathered per family to have a healthy competition from parlor games, basketball games and of course the cheering squad.  In return they get a price from their big sisters and brothers for a job well done.  But of course we also let the graduates be involved in the activities by playing with the kids. I joined the parlor game for dribbling the ball and I was really happy when we got the first prize.  Wow!  I can still run fast while dribbling the ball just like when I was still in high school.  LOL!

Then we also had a great time in the basketball game.  It was students versus graduates and of course the students won over the graduates.  Oh my, it was a fun game but really tiring.  I can't even last for 5 minutes inside the court.  It must be the lack of exercise or probably the old age.  LOL!  Whatever reasons why we lost does not really matter because we all enjoyed the games and we were there not to compete but to just have fun.  And I guess we were all successful in that aspect. 

We also had our meeting but it was so brief since a lot of us need to go back to their province.  It was a successful event for all of us and we are all looking forward for the next activity.


Pet Medication

I was shocked with I learned that the little boy of one of my neighbors were attacked by a pet dog.  I saw the cuts and bruises made by that attacked.  Dogs are naturally friendly animals but can become a beast if not being properly taken care of.  And just like any other animals, dogs have distinct nature to coupe to any adversities of their surroundings.

As an owner of any kinds of animal we have responsibilities to take care of them.  Yes, they may be just like dog or cat or any kind of them but just like us they can get sick, irritated and worse became like a beast.  There are institutions like prescription ped meds specializing with pet medication that can help you understand the behavior of your pet.  Don't just ignore them because once triggered they can become violent and might attacked anyone without you knowing it.


2014 IMG Convention - Turning Point

It was my first time to attend the IMG convention so I don't really expect anything.  It was a two days event, the first day was a Gala Night were IMG honored the people who really work hard to be what they are today.  There were also guest artist who performed that night which includes Jericho Rosales, Karylle, Korina Sanchez, Bea Rose Santiago, Raki Vega, Renee Salud and a lot more.  Our leaders were also there which solidify their all out support.  It was a fun night for everyone and I never even expected that I will enjoy wearing gown for the whole night.

The Gala night officially ended at around 11:00 pm however we were able to get back in the hotel we check in at around 12:30 midnight.  Attending the Gala night was already an eye opening to me.  IMG is a company who knows how to recognized their members.  I'm happy seeing my friends walking in the stage to receive their plaque and I hope one day I will also be receiving one of those plaques.

The second day was another beautiful experience to me.  Having Rex Mendoza and Bo Sanchez alone as one of the speakers really made up my day.  Liz and Karen from the WSB also became an inspiration to me.  But more than anything was hearing all the beautiful stories of ordinary people like me who made it to the top. 

Aside from inspiring us, IMG also knows how to excite us.  All the good news like convention inside Honkong Disneyland, Tour in Japan and the promo about running as Marketing Director really blow up my mind.  Wow!  I can't help but jump for joy when I hear that.  God is truly amazing.  I really want to get all of those so help me God.  This convention is indeed a turning point to everyone!


Multiple Streams of Income

I was in the mall checking for some items that I can use for a costume when I a customized mug caught my attention. There's a lot of custom logo coffee mugs on display which were wonderfully made.  Aside from mugs they are also doing some customized t-shirt printing.  I learned that they have several outlets which helped their business running.

Having a business is tough but I think we all need multiple streams of income to have a comfortable living condition.  Yes, having our job pays our bills but there are lot of things we need to give up because we cannot afford it especially if you already have your own family. Having a multiple streams of income can be tiring too but if we just know how to make it work then it will not be a big problem for us but rather it will help us to have comfortable living. 0 comments

Spending within a Budget

Traveling is one of the things I love to do but for me to be able to do it I need to set aside a budget for it without damaging any of my savings and investments.  I must admit that I will not be able to do this if I don't have any idea about Money Management but because of IMG I was able to equipped myself to be financially literate and keep me away from over spending.

A lot of us goes beyond the budget without even realizing about it.  Sometimes we spend the money in the things that are not really important rather keeping some extra money for our emergency fund.  In fact a lot of us don't even know the value of having an emergency fund because most often than not we just make our ends meet or just living from pay check to pay check and worse spending the money we are about to receive.

We all need to spend but make sure that you spend just within your budget.  If you think you are in pay check to pay check situation then you have to do something about it.  Learn how to manage your finances because if not it may leads you to a worse financial situation. 

Financial literacy can go great things in handling your own finances and this kind of education don't necessarily means expensive.  In fact there are institutions like IMG that offer financial education for FREE!  All you have to do is to find time to attend this special trainings made for everyone.  To learn more about the Free Financial training and coaching, you may contact me through this blog by leaving your valuable comments and I will surely get back to you about it.  0 comments

Old Letters

I was looking for documents when I came across to the old letters and cards that I received many years ago. Some has envelope printing on it but most of the letters were hand written.  Ahhh, those were old days wherein I need to wait for a month or so before I can receive reply to the letters that I wrote.  But looking back, I truly appreciate the love, dedication and care of the person who wrote to me consistently.  I still have the old letters and I will forever cherish the memories behind that letter. 0 comments

Smash the Ball!

I was supposed to hike Mount Pico De Loro last Sunday but due to some circumstances my planned was changed so instead of hiking I went to Manila to smash the badminton ball!  I was with Aida, Ambro, Zen and Doms who are all expert with badminton unfortunately they have to deal with newbie like me. LOL!  They don’t have a choice because I was already there, the little girl who wanted to smash the ball but can’t really see the ball.  Ha ha ha!
It was fun and I really enjoyed the game however due to my allergies I have to quit playing and just watch them while composing myself.  I will probably do good next time… if they still wanted me in the group. LOL!  Kidding aside, I think I will love playing this game especially if the venue is closer to where I live.  Let’s see next time J
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