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Old Letters

I was looking for documents when I came across to the old letters and cards that I received many years ago. Some has envelope printing on it but most of the letters were hand written.  Ahhh, those were old days wherein I need to wait for a month or so before I can receive reply to the letters that I wrote.  But looking back, I truly appreciate the love, dedication and care of the person who wrote to me consistently.  I still have the old letters and I will forever cherish the memories behind that letter. 0 comments

Smash the Ball!

I was supposed to hike Mount Pico De Loro last Sunday but due to some circumstances my planned was changed so instead of hiking I went to Manila to smash the badminton ball!  I was with Aida, Ambro, Zen and Doms who are all expert with badminton unfortunately they have to deal with newbie like me. LOL!  They don’t have a choice because I was already there, the little girl who wanted to smash the ball but can’t really see the ball.  Ha ha ha!
It was fun and I really enjoyed the game however due to my allergies I have to quit playing and just watch them while composing myself.  I will probably do good next time… if they still wanted me in the group. LOL!  Kidding aside, I think I will love playing this game especially if the venue is closer to where I live.  Let’s see next time J
Here are some of the pictures we have.


Voice of Angels...

I was so glad that I once again able to attend the celebration of Father Al's death anniversary.  This year is his 22nd death anniversary and just like any other years we celebrated it through the highest form of prayer and that is our Eucharistic mass.  During the celebration I once again hear the voice of the angels, Father Al's children singing beautiful songs while the hagstrom guitars from guitar center are playing.

The celebration was beautiful and meaningful especially for us, the graduates because once again we were able to reminiscence the memories that we had when we were still studying at the Sisters of Mary School.  SOM is not only our school but our home, our haven here on earth. 


Financial Education – What Is It for You?

We all started our education at a very early age.  We study science, math, physics, English, computers and even the life of our heros but I think no matter how many subjects we have in our primary, secondary or even during our college the Financial Education about savings and investing was never been in any of the curriculum.  And since we don’t any effort in understanding how money works or even the basic financial foundation many of us struggles up to the end just so we can coupe up with our daily lives.

Financial education is a must for all of us because it helps us in our financial strategies.  Savings and investing is not only for the rich but for all of us.  If we only know how and where to put our hard earned money then I think there will be lesser poor in our society.  But you know what, the sad part of this is that there are only few people who are willing to learn.  In fact, Financial education is being offered for FREE in some institutions but not all are willing to spend time to learn.

If you will attend the Financial Education the knowledge that you will get will help you not only for today but also in planning for your future.  It will help you understand the true essence of investing and you will be able to take part in the profits of big industries.  Knowledge is power but knowledge without action is dead…

If you wish to avail the FREE FINANCIAL TRAININGS… You may contact me through my CP at 09175269201…  Don’t lost the chance of enriching your knowledge, avail now while it is still FREE and AVAILABLE!


Network Problem Needs Solution!

It's been almost a week now that we are experiencing bad internet connection and it is really stressing me out.  The in and out of emails are so slow that as if I am waiting for snail mail.  I hope this will be over soon or I think we need one of the workflow software solutions to help us out of this situation.

If this situation continues for another week it will be a total waste of time for all of us.  Many of our email communications are stacked in the mid air that we don't know when we will be able to receive  those.  I hope this will be over soon because it is also affecting our day to day transactions.  0 comments

Financial Literacy - Enroll Now!

Many of us are graduates in college or even have their own masters degree and some of us even achieved our own Phd degree but only few of us really give time for financial literacy.  This topic is something we need but we cannot get within the universities.  Our parents, our teachers or even our mentors thought us how to make money but only few told us to how to make our money grow.

But don’t worry because it is not yet too late to learn about it and practice what other investors are doing.  There are institutions ready and willing to teach and guide you in planning and executing your very own financial blueprint.  Grab every opportunities for you to learn how manage your finances.

Financial literacy is not all about learning the method and planning but it is proven effective once you execute what you’ve learn.  Remember that knowledge without action is dead so avoid procrastination in applying what you had learned.

Do it now!  Do it the IMG way!

For those who are still interested to learn, below are the available schedules of our FREE Financial Literacy trainings:

Every Saturday:  1:30- 3:30 pm and 7:00 – 8:00 pm – Money Management Training
Venue:  Kings Court Building - Makati

For more information about this FREE training and/or if you wish to avail this FREE Financial Literacy Training you may contact me through my CP no. 09175269201.


Working for My Dreams

I love to travel and one of my dream vacations is being able to tour around the world.  I particularly wanted to go to US to see my friends there and spend some time with them.  I would like to be in Texas, Buffalo New York or in miami if I will be given a chance.  I know that it is not easy but things started on dreams.  It is like having your own blueprints of where you want to be or what you want to be in the near future.

The hardest thing here is making these dreams a reality and that is what I wanted to work on.  I know I have to really work hard to satisfy cravings in going to new places, meet new friends and learn new things. 0 comments
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