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Just Post It!

Funny but my post it just become one of my personalized note cards which help me in reminding myself of my to do list for the day.  Having a list of the things you need to accomplish for the day is a great help because it maximize your time and help you track down the things you've done and the things you need to focus on for the next day.

I remembered when I was still working in a corporate world wherein I list down all the things I need to do for the following day before I left the office and just post it at my computer's monitor.  Doing that helped me to do the task base on their urgency and priority.  I still do it but not as religiously as I did before.  I think I have to bring it back to really track down my daily routine, this way I will know the things that usually eat up my time. 0 comments

Home Safety

Is your home safe?  With all the things that are happening right now you really can't say if your home is safe or if you and your family are safe.  There are risks everywhere but people tend to forget that.  Home safety is very important and I think that is one of the reasons why people invest in their door lock. They make sure that it is 100% secure and cannot be open easily.

There are many ways to make your home safe and the first thing you should consider is making sure that you have a neighborhood alliance.  This is very important because they are the first person that can attend to you in case something bad happen. But more than that, you have to equip your home with safety locks and other home safety devices if possible.

Home Facial Care

Did you know that you can still continue doing your daily beauty regime at a lower cost?  Facial care should not be necessarily costly.  You can do your own home facial care through natural ingredients.  You can even have your own acne home remedies if you are suffering from acne.  I know that acne is one of the most hated by men and women and it often occur during the adolescence stage.  But don't worry because it can be cure.

Here are just some few tips how to take care of your face and avoid acne.

  • Drink lots of water.  Drinking lots of water can help your body to flush out toxins.
  • Keep your hair off your face.
  • Avoid scrubbing your face with your hand without washing it first.
  • As much as possible, change your bedding and your pillowcases twice per week.
  • Never pinch your pimple as it may irritate your skin that might lead to infections.
  • Avoid too much make up and if it can't be avoided make sure to use make up with natural contents.
  • Don't forget to wash your face with mild soap or if possible acne specific soap.
Following these simple tips does not guarantee that it will remove your acne but rather it will prevent your skin from irritations and other infections... 0 comments

Bread Talk...

Hmmmm... smell delicious... taste delicious!  Every time I passed by at Mall of Asia or anywhere that I know there's a Bread Talk outlet I couldn't help but indulge myself eating their breads.  I love the floss most and I forget to have one each time I visit their store.

Sometimes I feel guilty because I know how much it cost.  It is a little bit high but goodness the taste is beyond expectation so what can I do?  Indulging yourself to some goodness is I think acceptable unless of course if will ruin your budget.  Hmmm...  I wonder when will I taste that goodness?  Or will indulge myself again? LOL!  Oh well, let's the bread do the talking. LOL! 0 comments

Cleansing Diet

Many people are now more health conscious compared to previous years.  Gym and other fitness related businesses are now in full swing.  This is one good manifestation that people are now taking care of their fitness and wellness. There are many ways to lose weight and one of those is the cleansing diet.  This type of diet is trying to eliminate toxic and other unwanted waste inside our intestine.  This is usually done by just eating fruits and vegetables.  Cutting any kind of meat, fish and dairy products is the first step in cleansing diet. This kind of diet is normally done for a week to help the body take away the toxins in our body.

Cleansing diet is good especially in colon cleansing.  This process helps the body to take away all the unwanted waste inside your body that has been stored for a longer time.  This also helps your body to avoid diseases and other complications brought by those unwanted waste.  With increasing trend of known cases of colon cancer, many people also take into consideration in taking pills or other dietary products that will help them eliminate intestinal waste.  To give you an idea about colon cleansing products, you may click here.

It is advice that before taking cleansing diet or any kind of health products or dietary product you must ask first seeks advice from the expert... 0 comments

Christmas Countdown

I was watching the news yesterday when the news anchor said that there's only 65 days left before Christmas.  Wow!  That is fast!  It was only as if yesterday when we celebrated Christmas, am I right?  Then looks like the days cheated us because it's Christmas again.  LOL!  Oh well, I can't deny it because when you go to the mall you can hear Christmas carols on air and when you travel at night the side of the streets are decorated with Christmas light.

Christmas is the time for gift giving and I think it has been the tradition ages ago and until now.  I miss my bestfriend during Christmas because we usually celebrated it together.  I been planning of purchasing a persoanlized christmas gifts for her but then when I checked how much will it cost to send her the gift, wow, it is more than the price of the gift.  It would be nice but not so practical to do it and if ever I do that I should also need to send one for my sister. Hmmm, contemplating it though but maybe I will just stick to my plan of just greeting them both a Merry Christmas. LOL! 0 comments

Working It Out!

I've read a lot of articles about how to lose stomach fat fast but nothing seems to fit with me.  I tried the diet regime as well as the abs workouts but there's no good result that I've seen so far.  Every article is saying this and that making me more confuse which one to follow. LOL!  Or perhaps, I am not giving enough time to focus in one routine before trying another one.

Many diet pills claimed that they are the best in losing stomach fat but then I think it is still boils down to your discipline and to your eating habits.  Abs is one of the hardest parts of our body to tone down but the easiest part to bulge.  Am I right?  Toning your abs is not simple because it requires lots of hard work and eating disciplines..... 0 comments

Heavy Rain

I am supposed to go to meet a client today but because of the heavy rain she asked me to reschedule it tomorrow.  Same with our team meeting, it has been canceled due to heavy rain not because we are afraid of it but because we just want to make sure that everyone is safe.  The heavy rain is still because of the typhoon Juan and we don't want to compromise our safety by going out just to attend the meeting.  Anyway, we can meet and catch up on Thursday.

Since all my appointments has been canceled, I can make use of my time by writing articles and do some blog hopping.  There's are still few articles that I need to finish and I really hope I can do it all today.  I wanted to make use of this time to something useful rather than letting myself fall into sleep again. LOL!  It is so tempting though!  It is more fun than checking my website directory, hahaha.  But I choose not to indulge myself in too much sleeping.  I have many things to do!


Working from Home..

Since 2009 I enjoyed the benefits of working from home.  This not only gave me a source of income but also gave me the flexibility of time.  Money is everywhere, you just need to find ways how to get it and with the help of internet many home based business has been created which helps many people earn more.

Working from home becomes beneficial especially for working mothers because they don't need to leave their house in order to earn.  They have now a choice whether to apply for a regular job or to just do a home based job available online. 

Traditional businesses are now taking advantage of this because it helps them cut cost in terms of man power.  Home based business is now becoming popular and because of its popularity many people tried and win from it.  I also tried and I am really happy with the results. 1 comments

Oh My Laptop....

I been trying my best to keep my laptop safe and functioning at all time but then most of the time I overuse it especially when I am home.  I already checked for possible replacement and the most affordable laptop that I seen is the Acer Aspire. I also talked with my friends who bought that model before and so far they said that it is more than okey.

I am still contemplating whether to buy or not buy a new laptop since my source of income is not stable yet.  But of course it will depend in the situations.  If ever my current laptop crash and I cannot restore it anymore then I don't have a choice but to buy a new one.  I need my laptop every now and then because it also helps me a lot for my daily earnings.  I can't afford to lose it.... 0 comments

Window Shopping

I went to the mall this morning to pay some bills and since it was raining outside I decided to drop by at the appliance center in the lower ground of the mall.  As usual I did not miss to check out the current offering for digital cameras.  Although I am not planning to buy yet I still want to know the latest trend for that particular technology.  I really want to own one someday. 

Then after that, I also checked the Television corner and I was really fascinated with those thin LCD TV that are being offered today.  It is more space saver and really gives the audience a timeless experience.  TV's has bee a part of every home and serves one of the entertainments for the whole family.

Since I was not really planning to buy, I just enjoyed myself looking at the display area.  Window shopping is one of the things I like to do because it helps me to relax.  Am I weird? LOL! 0 comments


It was so funny because I really never allowed myself to become a bridesmaid not because I don't want to wear bridesmaid dresses but because I don't want to see myself walking in the aisle and just following the bride. LOL! 

Kidding aside, I was not really so keen seeing myself wearing dresses before, likewise wearing make-up for almost the whole day.  That was before the wedding of my friend Jazzy.  Since both the bride and groom are my friends I make myself available for that special occasion.  It was my first time to become a bridesmaid and I really enjoyed it.  I wish I never turned down the invitation of being a bridesmaid before. LOL! 0 comments

Making the Difference

It was supposed to be posted last Thursday but because I am so busy I wasn't able to do so.  Oh, so many excuses! lol!  Well kidding aside, I really wanted to post them and shout to the world that I am a part of this big team.  Yes!  I am a part of International Marketing Group or IMG, the marketing group whose mission is to make sure that NO Families are Left Behind.  A beautiful mission supported with our crusade of teaching people how to save and invest to be able for them to build their solid financial foundation.

Last Wednesday night was really blast because one of our CEO from Canada visited us and gave her simple yet powerful talk that inspired me more to really do the mission.  She is a Filipina like me but creating waves in Canada through IMG.  She is very successful and yet remain simple.  That's what I wanted to be in the future.  I also wanted to change people's life from spender to saver to investor because I know that it will makes a difference from one generation to another.  May God help me do my mission.... 0 comments
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