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Count Your Blessings....

When was the last time you sit down in silence and did nothing but just to count the blessings you receive each day?  Or did you ever do that?  Today, let's not worry about so many things but rather let's just count our blessings.  You have to remember that blessings come in so many ways and so make it a habit to count your blessings and be thankful for having those.  God loves us and He will always be around to bless us.... 0 comments

Be Healthy, Be Happy!

I had been sick lately and I don't really want that kind of feelings and so I vow to myself to just live healthy and happy which I think I will need a help from nutritionist austin. I am not sure yet how it goes but I have to give it a try, anyway I am always open to new ideas.

I started my healthy lifestyle in having a proper food diet which means following the food pyramid.  Then I followed it with a daily exercises not really intending to tone my muscles but I just need to sweat.  And of course I did not forget to give myself plenty of water as well as an adequate rest.

Most of all, I am trying my best to get connected to my family, friends and of course to the love of my life;  having them around makes my world a better place to live in.  To make happiness complete, I make sure that I always have a good relationship with God because without Him I am nothing.... 0 comments

Group Outing

Our group is planning to have an outing at the end of this month and we are looking for a place that offers a team member discount or a group discount.  We haven't finalized the place yet because the price is just too high compared to our budget.  We all know that we can save with group discounts but we just need to look around and research for affordable and nice place.  Our target place is just within Laguna because that is the most strategic locations for all of us.  We are hoping that we can get big discounts in the venue so that we can add more food in the table. 0 comments

Baby Shower

When was the last time you attended precious moments baby shower?  Or if you are a mom does any of your friends made an effort to have a baby shower for your unborn baby?  Or probably you and your family had a little gathering to celebrate the coming of a new angel in your life?  In my case, I think it's been almost a decade since the last time I attended a baby shower and that was when I was still working in my previous company where everything is being celebrated with your fellow employees.

I remember that if there's a pregnant woman in our department we used to gather and have a baby shower for the mom and the baby.  It was undeniably one of the gatherings that I missed because that was one of the gatherings when you make each one of you feel special.  Too bad I was not able to experience that. LOL!  Baby shower may not be important but celebrating it won't hurt your pocket but will touch your heart and spirit.  It's one of the best ways to say you care and you welcome the new angel that will be coming in your family or circle of friends. 1 comments

Modern Condos

I was at the mall yesterday when an agent handed me a copy of their marketing pamphlets and since they are selling condos all over the country I expect to see high rise metal buildings with complete and modern amenities.  I was right on that thought but I did not expect that they way the architects design the modern condos is beyond my imagination.  The place is like a home in the middle of the busy street.  I just love the concept of the condos they offered and I really wish I can own one of units there someday. 0 comments

100 Days to Heaven

I will not deny it that I am one of the avid fans of 100 days to heaven.  I just couldn't help myself but to admire the artist in that tele-serye from kapamilya especially Xyriel Manabat who is portraying the character of young Anna Manalastas.  Oh well, all the actors and actresses included in this tele-serye are undeniably one of the best in their profession.  They are able to touch the heart of many Filipinos and that includes me.  It is truly one of the best drama in Philippines TV that can be watch regardless of your age.

But beyond the good actors and actresses is actually a very touching and funny story when the icy rich business woman had given a chance to live again to correct her mistakes.  The catch there was that she returned to the world of living in a character of a child.  As I watched how Anna went back to the road of life and how she managed to correct her mistakes despite of her situation I understand how the Love of God works in her.

The 100 Days to Heaven is not finish yet but I am excited how will it goes up to the end.  Through the story of this tele-serye I am able to learn things like building a relationship, taking care of your love ones and the value of the family in our life.... 0 comments

Pamper Yourself

When was the last time you actually pampered yourself?  Honestly I am guilty of that because if I remembered it right it's been almost a year since the last time I had a good massage.  Thinking about that makes me feel so tired that I promise myself to visit SPA next weekend and probably I can try the famous dead sea mud that my friend was talking about.  She said that it's really good so I really have to try it.

I think I deserve a break after a long week of work.  What do you think? 1 comments

Quality Time

It's always been a busy week for all of us but it does not mean that we need to forget to relax and spend quality time with the people whom we love.  When was the last time you actually spent quality time with your family or with your love ones?  The road of life can always be tricky because you actually don't know when will it end or how it will end but along the way you can always stop, relax and recharge.

Quality time does not mean spending more but it means spending time with the people whom you care and love.  You don't necessarily be physically present because there are many ways to be with them just like online chatting or talking with them over the phone.  The most important thing is that you manage to find time to get in touch with them.

So take a break and spend more quality time with your family and love ones.  I promise you that it will not hurt your pocket but instead it will make you happy. 1 comments

Personal Money Management

When I was at my younger age I used to read stories in comics and one of my favorite is the story about the money tree.  How I wish that my family owned that money tree so that my parents will not get any personal loans to any lending company.  I really thought that the money tree exist until such time that I learned how money are created.  Money tree does not exist and only a creation of wild imagination of the writer.

It is true that money tree does not exist but it is also true that you can avoid asking for loan if you know how to manage your own money.  It is not how much you earn that matters but it is how much you spend every single day.  One of the best ways to manage your money is to evaluate how much money goes into your wallet and how much money goes out.  Once you know the two important things, you can do your own math and understand the reason why sometimes the money you earn is still not enough.  There are two things that you can actually do and that is either to increase your income or decrease your spending.  That is the best way to start.

Personal money management takes a lot of efforts and discipline and I think that is the area you need to work out especially if you spend so much.  Think about it... 1 comments
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